We work for YOU, not your insurance company!

Dent Central Paintless Dent Repair professionally removes Hail Damage, Door Dings, Minor Dents and Creases without the use of body fillers and repainting!                    

Please, take a look at our site, and see why Dent Central Paintless Dent Repair is the company that provides the highest  quality paintless dent removal available.

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Dent Central Paintless Dent Repair offers Insurance Deductible-Assist Program.

After a devastating storm, coming up with a deductible to repair hail damage can be difficult for most families.   Especially when today's families usually have more than one car. Therefor, Dent Central will waive the deductible, up to $500, on auto hail damage claims of $2000 or more. Please call for further details.

Insurance Claim Facts: 

1. Insurance companies cannot choose your repair facility for you. You have the right to have your vehicle repaired where you choose. Many times body shops extend incentives to insurance companies to be on their referral list. Why should they get the break. They've been taking your money for years and now they want "incentives." Dent Central  extends these discounts to the real victims of devastating storms, not the insurance companies. 

2. Insurance companies cannot, single you out for an increase in premiums, due to storm related damage. Even if you had multiple vehicles, your premiums won't increase. However, to recoup losses, insurance companies usually present state-wide increases in premiums. If this happens or not, your entitled to have your vehicle repaired. 

If you have any questions or just don't know how to proceed with the repair of your vehicle, please call us.    Thank you for visiting dentcentral.com.